I.S.T.D. Modern

Modern classes are available for girls and boys from 4 years and above.

Modern combines contemporary and modern dance, ballet and jazz into a unique blend which helps dancers with flexibility and strength through an established syllabus. Students learn control and adaptable techniques though a well structured class which will enhance and further your child’s ability across many disciplines.    

Modern is a rhythmic dance style which originated in America before traveling to the rest of the world. It is often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. The style uses traveling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns which all need strength and flexibility. This is a highly energetic dance style.

The syllabus objectives are:

1·         for younger children – learning about their rights and lefts, opposites, the body, responding to rhythm using musical instruments as well as learning natural dance steps such as walking, running, skipping and galloping

2.    to encourage an imaginative and rapid response from beginners.

3·         Building strength and flexibility through travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns

4·         Delivering a highly energetic dance style

5·         to meet increasing demand for a modern dance training for boys

6·         to introduce theatre and musical production qualities

I.S.T.D. Tap

Tap classes are available for girls and boys from 4 years and above.

Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. It is an exciting dance form for youngsters discovering new and exciting sounds their feet can make and is widely performed as a part of musical theater.

Tap is an essential skill for the professional dancer and is also one of the most enjoyable and rhythmic forms of recreational dance.

The syllabus objectives for Tap Dance Grades are:

• teach correct posture

• build a sound tap technique

• develop an awareness of tone

• promote the understanding and use of dance terminology

• gain a good sense of line through body, arms and head

• understanding of rhythm and its development

• appreciation of varying musical styles and their interpretation

• develop an awareness of the use of space

• awareness of audience and sense of performance

• encourage a sense of self-expression

• encourage creative use of rhythm and movement

• promote self-confidence

RAD Ballet

Ballet classes are available for girls and boys from 2 1/2 years and upwards and all abilities are welcome.

The RAD method, is a ballet technique and training system, specially devised by the founders of the RAD, who merged their respective dance methods to create a new style of ballet that is unique to the organisation. The RAD method produces a style of ballet that has become recognised internationally as the English style of ballet.

Our baby ballet class is especially designed to install confidence within each child and we encourage the children to come into class without an adult. The class consists of teaching the fundamentals of ballet and installing the love and passion for dance whilst having fun. The concept of ballet is taught through technique, rhythm, props and music.

RAD ballet syllabus is introduced at 4years old where they begin with learning the pre-primary syllabus There is an attention to detail when learning the basic steps and the progression is paced to improved and build technique before introducing new vocabulary.  The syllabus is designed to motivate and encourage students of all ages and levels of ability, through a systematic measurement of progress and attainment.

The objective of the RAD Syllabus is to:

• articulate parts of the body

• demonstrate awareness of positions of the body

• perform with an awareness of space

• demonstrate control

• demonstrate co-ordination

• demonstrate elevation

• demonstrate use of appropriate movement dynamics

• respond to the elements of music

• perform expressively

• perform a sequence of simple steps to depict a story

• confidently recall the settings

Street Dance

Straight from the freestyle urban dance that originated outside the studios in available open spaces such as streets, parks, schools and nightclubs, street dance encourages interaction and contact with spectators and other dancers. It combines many styles from modern and jazz to breakdancing and shuffle.

Anything goes as long as it looks and feels good, and if you have an idea for a new step - try it out! Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot, Britney Spears, Run DMC, Wiley and Pittbull use this exciting dance form in their ground-breaking videos.

Our course offers a practical introduction to street dance, combining the basic moves to create a simple but effective routine. You will also get the chance to choreograph your own routines under your teacher's expert eye.

Our street dance course gives people the chance to express themselves in a fun way, whether they have little or no dance experience or are trying to improve their technique, learn new moves or just want to dance with other likeminded people whilst having a good time.

The course will keep you fit and also provide:

1·        Learning about posture and position in dance

2·    Losing inhibitions and gaining confidence

3·     Developing greater balance, flexibility and strength

4·    Co-ordination and footwork such as basic corner to corner work

5·        Introduction to steps, turns and kicks

6·         Learning to dance as a duet, trio or group incorporating routine

7.     Performance of dance routines as a solo, duet, trio

You'll receive friendly feedback throughout


Musical Production

Musical Production is a form of theatre that combines dance, acting, song and spoken dialogue as an integrated, holistic story or in part as a piece of entertaining emotional content.

If you want to sing and dance with your friends and continue to improve your performance skills at the same time, our Musical Production is perfect for you!

The classes aim to make you feel more confident and comfortable. Focusing largely on group numbers to begin with, but there are also chances available to perform solos. Many of the pupils gain valuable experience of working in a professional environment by gaining parts in local theatres or pantomimes. They will also have the opportunity to perform in the Harmony show held every other year at a major theatre.

Couse topics generally cover:

  • Integration of singing, dance and acting
  • Focus on putting on large ensemble pieces
  • Exploration of solo performing
  • Taking rehearsal into performance
  • Introduction to fundamental techniques via thorough learning of singing and dance warm up exercises
  • Application of those techniques to the beginning of a song & dance routine  
  • Intense learning of vocal material
  • Learning of vocal material
  • Rehearsing and honing the material
  • Informal performance



Drama classes offer a practical and thorough introduction to acting in a supportive and fun atmosphere, with plenty of opportunity to practice new acting skills and techniques. The course will help improve your confidence in front of a crowd and ensure you feel more at ease, whilst having fun, all under the watchful eye of an expert teacher. There will be chances to audition with professional and amateur productions and also participate in the Harmony Show.

From beginner to intermediate, classes generally cover:

  • Using environment, character and objectives to explore text
  • Freeing emotion and finding connection with other actors
  • Exploring the use of the voice and body in acting
  • Finding the playfulness and fun in performing
  • Building confidence for performance
  • Rehearsing a scene from a play
  • Being truthful in imaginary circumstances
  • Increased understanding how acting choices create spontaneity and emotion
  • Preparing and presenting improvised and scripted scenes using imaginary spaces
  • development of personal playfulness and creativity
  • Performing as part of an ensemble
  • Understanding stage craft
  • Modern rehearsal techniques

  • You will receive friendly feedback throughout